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What is Matterport?

3D Camera

Why would you need this?

It's basically a large camera on a tripod for indoor use.  If you have a house, commercial business, yacht, motorhome, or any indoor space you would like to show off to the world...this is what you need to show it off, a virtual tour.  

Not only for displaying spaces for sale or advertising, but also documentation.  In the public safety realm it can be for post incident analysis and crime scenes. 

Insurance purposes. Record a before and after scenario.  Record your space and show its original presence. If/when an incident occurs now you can show how it looked. Same with remodeling for a before and after look.

Museum's/Art...Show off your items and keep that particular exhibit up even after the venue has changed.  

These are some of the items this camera can be used for...Just use your imagination.


Do you have a private area you don't want other photographers to view or you don't want to put out $5,000.00 for a virtual tour every once in a while.  We have a solution for can rent.


Here is what we provide

1. Matterport camera and case

2. Ipad

3. Tripod

4. Tripod with dolly for larger spaces

5. Hands on training

6. Phone support 

7. Hosting your virtual tour

Please call for more info and pricing.

Larger companies...

Would you like to have your own business run your Matterport operations? I can train your personnel quickly and efficiently to get you up and going with your equipment and accounts.  I have worked with small residential firms to large corporate businesses.I will and have traveled for business needs.  


With my background in Public Safety, I am a person who can be trusted with your information.  References can be provided.     

What's the Cost?

When it comes to Virtual tours it is generally .10 cents a square foot, but this price can be negotiated depending upon what you have in mind. There are other features which can be added to your virtual tour.   Basic aerial videos (about 1 min in duration) can be up to $250, along with still photography.  All this work is done with an Inspire 1, The Matrice is another price/platform.

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